Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Everyone needs to read this.

I am honestly very furious and disgusted. 

I finally understand what feeling is that to be judged for life for a single mistake.
It doesn't mean, I keep quiet means I am doing nothing and acting like nothing has ever happened, so stop thinking that bullying people, smearing people's reputation on the net is nothing wrong. 

It was never meant to be public thing, i learnt from my mistake and I am currently living in a state where I already have multiple source of pressure. 

But honestly who the fuck are YOU, to fucking bully someone who genuinely wants to change?

Who are you to judge other's mistake? 

Who are you to re-write other's life stories? 

i don't get it, I am very enraged. I have been swallowing all my pride, refusing to bring any matter how up anymore but what do I get? 

Disrespect comments. (I know i am the one that made this available but lol fuck you still. )

It is tough to face it alone. 

A lot of times I feel so lonely when everyone just turn their back on me. 

Just know you little peanut haters, you have officially made me feel like I'm a loser. But not anymore. 

Im much more greater than you think. I control my life from now on, if you think you have anything better to confront me about, I'll gladly hold your hands to go see the cops. 

I'm not even joking.

'Oh Celine you are over reacting...' 

Try living like it's nothing. 

Try acting it is nothing and be super strong in front of hundreds of people that knows your business.

Try getting anonymous hates and disgusting requests everyday.

Try living in this situation, every single fucking day. Before you comment. 

Try being strong when people ask you something about it very insensitively. 

Try holding your tears in public after getting traumatized by a group of unknown people. 


If you think everything is so easy and fine. Sure that is your business.

The thing is why can't everyone just mind their own business. Your life doesn't rotate around mine neither does my life radiates around you. 

I really can't help it but get angry. Not only for myself but for every single one of them getting bullied online. 

Cyberbullying is not okay. IT IS NOT OKAY. 

You think it's okay just because you have never experienced the pain and sufferings. 

I stand for myself. So why should I continue to keep quiet about things? 

I am so disgusted. 

Just stop. Just saying, cyberbullying is illegal in Singapore.  

You can play all kinds of tricks but your actions shall be paid for, in days, months or years. Just wait.

For those people who has been secretly helping me, Just know i am very grateful and appreciate everything you do. 


  1. Your past may never leave you, but u can keep on choosing to leave it.
    Your strength is strong, and many can see.
    Those that wants to bring u down obviously wants to make u sad or mad.
    Their not worth even those feelings. Stay within the ones who truly loves u and enjoy their strength.
    This change will take time but u have many supports.

    Support your positive change, rayron❤️

  2. As long as you are looking forward, you will be able to overcome any obstacle, stay strong and don't look back. Even if you are looking back, at least not dwell on it :D

    Stay strong :)