Sunday, 13 December 2015

Truth is

Hello, can I say something?
You say you know me that well?
It’s so strange, when you’re in front of me
You can’t say anything but you talk a lot behind my back.
I’d be crazy to do those things
Am I really that mean?
The cowards talk a lot under the tree but they can’t climb,
You can talk all you want.
Make it loud, make them more.
I want to know all the truth, all the truth. 
The important thing is you talk about ME.
 It’s nice, very nice.
The more rumors there are, the better it is.
I just laugh, that’s how easy it is. 
I have about ten tails, you don’t even know.
I think you have a misunderstanding..
The way I smile, the way I talk, the way I walk is a bit…
Don’t be like that and just say it,
I expected this.
We only know each other’s names
But I guess you’d go crazy even if we just brushed our fingertips, I know I am such a big deal. 
I’d be crazy to do those kinds of things.
With someone I only know by name.
Don’t say that just because you can't have me.
You can talk all you want, still.
Rumors that spread without a sound,
What you want is a truth or dare.
Actually, everything is depends on you,
on what kind of person I become
What’s important is not me but you,
You tell me first.
The important thing is now, right now,
How does it feel to see me before your eyes, better than you?
I just laugh, that is how easy I do my thing. 
It’s just you, the little, foolish you.
Believe me? Only believe in what I say,
What you believe, what you want, what deceives you is so…


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