Sunday, 6 December 2015

WGS Prom Night 2015

I believe many have been waiting for me to type this blog.

I have been contemplating to doing this but I decided to give all my honest opinions as usual.
First things first, if you are easily butt hurt, please just not read this. All of this are based on my own opinion with no intention of hurting anyone.

Let’s just start shall we?

I really hated everything. It may be due to the fact that I grew to be more anti-social after graduation but honestly, it wasn’t a nice experience. I think social media, and prom from the western countries corrupted my vision of a “perfect prom”.

Let me say this, it wasn’t because I didn’t have a prom date, or because I was just being really picky over the location and hotel. Not even. I am not even exaggerating when I say, it sucked balls.

The moment I stepped into the ballroom, or just room for the prom, I got way more attention with my hair than I thought I would. I had grey hair at that time, it was really awesome I admit. Had my hair chopped off real short and a literal style change, evolved Celine, I’d like to name it as. Honestly, I felt quite good with what I was wearing and stuff. Some people didn’t recognize me at first look, I took that as a compliment lightly.

Dress: New Look
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Necklace: SK
Earring: Bangkok

The second problem that occurred was, I was late (this was my fault) and I couldn’t sit with my friends and I had to sit with a bunch of people that I have almost zero knowledge about despite being in the same cohort for four years. I felt like physically giving myself a tight slap for being an awkward chicken nugget over there. Drinking my water, and pretending I am so cool about it. No. ok. Things got better after a kind teacher decided to help us shift our seats.

The food was literally bullshit. I can cook better than that with less than $80. I mean, hotel food are always like this. Hey, I work in a hotel, I serve and I had my fair share of food every single week from hotels but it wasn’t as shitty as that I swear.

I truly enjoyed the part where I get to dress up and put makeup on my face. It has been my passion since very very long ago. The rest of the day was terrible though.

Here is a little message for all my fellow WGS people:

I really hated most of my times in school and honestly regretting meeting some people in the school. But if time were to reverse again, I wouldn’t choose to change anything because it brought me to where I am today, not anything good but proud to be me. I used to live in other people’s shadow because I didn’t have much. I was labelled as arrogant and being shame by many of you there. I get it, I know it, I said nothing about it. I secretly enjoyed the feeling of you, talking behind my back because it kind of shows I am a topic to talk about, so I am not actually that furious about that, other than spreading false rumors. There are some people whom I had many ups and downs with, there are some people that is causing all those ups and downs. I’d just like to say, I am pretty glad I wouldn’t have to go back to that same pit black hole to see you again LOL.


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