Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Four seasons : Winter


The sun drops early like 4pm. 
Those sad music beats like EDM.
Lonely heart, 
Lonely days,
Lonely trees & snowflakes.

Don't you feel like trees piled up with snow is really pretty, yet sad and lonely at the same time? 

Tree branches gets so fragile, they break with your lightest touch. Enduring each wind that passes by hoping to not snap.

Ponds and lakes freeze. They don't have a choice but to stay stagnant for some period of time. Well, on the bright side, it brings people joy. 

The cold will always remind you of someone, someone who used to always warm you up unconditionally. 

The snowflake will always remind you that no matter how pretty you are, how much you can make someone happy just by sight, you will disappear when the weather warms up.

The people who wears a lot of clothes to prevent the cold will always remind you that no matter what, YOU are the person that can keep yourself warm even without others. 

The early sunset will always remind you that resting is a part of life. You rest and take drawbacks in order to work harder in the future. 

The stars that ignite the sky will always remind you that even at the worst nights, there will be a way out and it is waiting for you to grasp it. 

Winter is probably my favourite season since I cannot handle hot weather as well as i would want to. 

I am currently in Japan, chilly weather, big sun and amazing aura. People keep mistaking me as a Japanese though. I can only speak very little Japanese and it is not even close to being able converse with someone.

Just one thing though, their uniform here is just really cute and the people here dress really good. Ought to learn some and go back to my country to spread some Japanese fashion trend. All the cutesy yet sexy style is my favourites!

Do you guys want to see a vlog? Or blogs about my Japan trip? Tell me so I can prepare myself. I took quite a number of pretty photos, really would like to share with you guys. 

Until then, Goodluck. 

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