Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016 resolutions

I know I am pretty late at this but why not do it now?

“Better be late than never” someone said.
This year, 2016, I decided to make my resolutions a fair play, and are things I know I can achieve with determination and hard work. Well, at least I don’t expect my grades to be a hundred out of a hundred anymore. Let’s just jump right into it.


1.     Make my bed every day.

This is my really bad habit, I will not even touch my bed after I wake up. Blankets on the floor? Pillows across the room floor? “I can take them when I sleep again tonight anyways” has always been my mantra so, I decided to change that this year. Hopefully.

2.     Have a routine and wake up early.

I am not much of a routine person, but I thought, since this year I would be either ending up in a Polytechnic (either private or local), I will need more self-discipline for homework and assignments. I have a really long term break before school starts again, my body clock is extremely screwed. I would wake up at timings like 1pm or even later every single day.

3.     Learn, Explore, Create Art.

What do you mean by learning art Celine, you may ask. It is just my idea of seeing everything in the form of art, and just by that I would create my own pieces of art. I want myself to stay immersed in many different types of Arts and hopefully learn every movement of grace of it.

4.     Be happier than I was every single day.

I guess this is really self-explanatory, cancel the negativity and accept the positivity.

5.     Stay Punctual.

I would say this is one of my strong points. I really make a point to always be on time if there is a time placed. I take due dates very seriously if I am working, that is the reason why I would be stressful all the time because I would be so anxious to finish up all my stuff within a period of timing. Honestly, many cannot do this, so I am pretty fine with saying that, well I am good at this.

6.     Do as many things I can during this year.

I am still a teenager, still very fresh with everything I have and more experience to have. I would want to wake up every day to feel that, I am capable of doing what I should do and what I want to do and what I want to achieve.

That is it for my resolution.

2015 has been a tough year for me. I always have people asking me “how do you stay so positive?” “How are you not suicidal yet?” “I would have killed myself.” The thing is, I am sad about things but yknow, happiness overtook sometimes because only at times like this I know who will stay. Even when things are even harder now, some chose to help my silently, some stayed by my side. Knowing that I really would love to have something to lean on.
Things that hurts my soul only make me more independent and harder to defeat. I am molding to become someone, someone so strong. I always believe everyone is a sparkle, you choose to make yourself sparkle more or not, you choose to dim your sparkle, or even put out the fire.
I will be me in 2016, still will be, and always am.

Bye 2015, thank you for all the stupid things you have given me.


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