Monday, 25 January 2016

Confidence is SEXY

They say "confidence is sexy". I never really understood it until recently. 

Due to much of my ups and downs at this period of my life. I've really learnt to leave the negative things to deal with themselves. Simpler way, I simply do not care about a lot of things now. 

I have more things to worry about than how I look. 

I've said this a million times, don't be afraid to wear that weird piece of clothes that you never saw anyone wear in the public. Really. You'll just stand out from the crowd (hopefully not in a weird way). 

"It is easier because you are pretty" lol. Seriously guys? I doubt I am a good looking person but I do take a lot of pride in how I dress up and look. Not for anyone else but myself. Remember, it is for YOURSELF. 

Girls get insecure. Guys too you have to remember that. 

At some point in my life, I was surrounded by people that made me lose way too much confidence. I was very pressurized and it lead me to look very "shag" all the time. I was constantly tired, trying to fit in to a circular hole when I am obviously a triangle to begin with.

I have a habit of writing a diary. 

I used to just write about all the upsetting things in my life, why? Because that is all I could remember. Being sad, lonely and afraid. But now, I am actually able to write happy things. 

When I turn to the mirror and ask myself, is this worth it? Honestly, sometimes I still get mini relapses of lets-just-live-like-this and nothing-is-going-to-change mindset. 

It takes time. 

Maybe you are wounded.
Maybe you are already scarred.
Maybe you are on the verge of getting cut.

There is always another way out and no matter how much you think that the situation will not improve. You just got to believe. Again, why? 

Because sadness starts with you. And happiness ALSO starts with you. So why not embrace the situation with a lighter heart? 

Easier said than done. 

Well, I am a living example so that leaves you no excuse. 

This is life. You ought to face things that you do not wish to, or didn't hope for. 

Whether you failed a test or an exam. Whether your heart got broken by someone. Whether your family is very unsupportive. Whether whether whether everything. 

Someday or somewhat you will see the light out of the darkness. It is all in your head. 

The wolf story remember? There is two wolves inside of us and one represents resentment and sadness, while the other represents positivity and love. How will they grow? It depends which one you feed. 

Much to my dismay. More and more young girls (I am young too, just sayin' :p) are harming themselves because they couldn't find a way out. At least they thought they would never. It is not necessarily true. It is a phase everyone needs to go through. Your parents probably did. Your older siblings probably did. You just have to get out of it and suck up. You are more than worthy. 

Build your confidence today. 

Wear those heels, wear that dark MAC lipstick you got, eat as much as you want. At the end of the day, you are really going to feel contented and naturally your self-esteem with raise. 

Walk that street like it's your runway. 

Confidence is sexy because that is something within. Confidence is sexy because it allows you to be YOU. Confidence is sexy because it shows that you are not afraid of your flaws. 

When you are confident. You learn to appreciate other people's strength. You tend to compliment people genuinely. You really will see the world in a different light. 

There is just so many reasons. 

Work it boys and girls. 

I post every Monday. Do check back for more of me.

Till then. Good luck. 

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