Monday, 18 January 2016

Japan Trip 2015

“Are you still alive Celine?”
“Why aren’t you uploading blogs?”
I have been very uninspired and lazy.

I hope I just answered your question.

Many things happened since I was being grateful for the year ends.
There are quite a few things I want to update you guys about and is planning to blog about in this month.


So, many of you probably already know that I went to Japan last year and I did not blog about it. The thing is, there really isn’t anything much for me to blog about? It has just been family time and personal time and lots of healings. Japan is a true beauty, I finally found somewhere that is prettier than I am.

The first place we went was Kobe, Japan. It wasn’t a city area, but hell, it is god damn life goals. Kobe is my favourite place out of every single place I went during this trip.
It is not exactly rural, but not city. The streets were very quiet even if it is at it's peak traffic, or even if there is so many people on the streets. Buildings are not all high up, it is small and low. Big roads.
The weather was fairly cold and it was literally my perfect heaven.


The next place is HONESTLY, I cannot remember but I am just going to go through the pictures and just say what happened there.

This is one of the bridges. The first place we went. That shadow there is my brother and I. This place was so cold that you will want to literally cry esp when the wind blows. I do enjoy every second there, I am smitten with the view and I'd love to jump into the water. (only in summer plz guys)


A bunch of pictures of trees are coming, it is amazing, I literally fell in love with every single brunch. I wrote my 4 season: winter blog post while staring at leafless trees. If you have not read it, you should. 

So beautiful... right?


So, after that we went to try the Japan trains? I only remember that we took it all the way to Tokyo. The train rides were fairly the same just that faster and SUPER quiet. I know my face is being a salvage with all my skin disorders idk. The weather was extremely dry.


This is a tea plantation if it is not obvious enough. I was expecting the air to be thinner and colder when we are up here, since we are up a mountain, but nope, the air was fwresh and good. Smells like green tea everywhere I move around. The meal was also green tea themed, honestly it didn't taste amazing to me but it was a good try. 

I would live in that glass house there for life. Although I really prefer to sleep in darkness but imagine waking up to green tea leaves and mountains everyday, it is a city girl's dream. Only in dreams apparently.


I kind of regretted not taking more photos of the temple but it was a nice place. SO many cats though, super cute meowing over their territory. Did I ever mention that, once when we were at the supermarket, we saw two cats about to kill each other? jeez, so fierce though, their fur was standing. but still cute. 


no need me to explain, Fuji mountain was breath taking. It looked so cold up there isnt it. If you look closely to the left of this picture, you can spot the suicide forest that everyone has been talking about. Quite daunting but truth is that I am pretty intrigued by how souls and haunted spirits wonder around. 

"not all who wanders are lost" isn't it?

okay, that is enough for my Japan trip. Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

My posting schedule will be every Monday ( other than spontaneous post which there will be alot )

Do check back next Monday !


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