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Dating in Secondary School or Middle School or High School. (Depends on your area, since I have readers from other countries)

Hello, if this is your first blog post of mine, or you just stumble across this post, or your friend asked you to check out my post, my name is Celine and you can call me semi-professional love adviser.

BUT, all opinions are mine, no one ask you to listen to me, no one force you to say that I am correct, so again if you are easily butt-hurt then bye.

The change in environment and people around triggers you to change and think differently.

Let me share with you guys my “first ever relationship”:

How did I get into a first “relationship” which I do not consider that as one as of now, was because if peer-pressurizing. They were like “Go for it. You know you like him too, why not? Don’t waste the chance.” He was a senior in my school that year. Take note, I was only 13, I had no idea what was happening but it just happened. It is the type of “relationship” that everything was so fresh and new, holding hands was a HUGE deal, it was my hand VIRGINITY alright. It was that of a big deal. I remember that my heart was beating so fast that my face flushed. But well, it ended anyways.

Enough of grandmother’s story, time to set right back into the topic.

98% of Secondary School relationships will meet their end, even before they graduate. If you are in Secondary School and you have a relationship going on, let me just tell you, that dreamy and sweet and cute relationship is not going anywhere as far as you imagine. I say 98% because there that 1% that made it through graduation but eventually broke up after tertiary school starts, and another 1% that is a miracle.

Now girls and boys, don’t ever think that you fall inside that special 1%, if it happens it happens, but most likely it doesn’t, alright? STUDY.

If you ever dated in Secondary School, or had a crush, or fling you probably are gonna relate to what I am going to type next.

Heartbreaks, even though we are young, or practically because we are young and tender, we get hurt really easily, that’s why our generation is named after Strawberries because they grow under tender love and will literally die if they are out of their green house.

But love is a big game where you throw your heart and soul into, if you lost, you get neither back. Thinking back, I don’t even know how I got through breakups. Just know that it hurts extra more when the knife is stabbed by someone that I thought I can trust. It is inevitable, and this is how you get stronger and stronger. For someone like me who can never learn it in the soft way.

Nowadays everything is so dramatic, face book was invented to create connection, but you stupid hoes are abusing it by “trending” people. Sorry but I got to say, it is really dumb in my opinion to try and ruin someone’s life by uploading snap shots of private chats and call them a slut, hoe, bitch, cheater. I mean hold up, your relationship with other guys is none of my business, I do not need to know, and not interested to know how many people you had sex with. You need to learn the term – PM private message, is meant to be private for two person or that group itself. You be taking screenshots of those supposing “cannot be shared” chats with the whole internet just to shame their exes? You fucking low life seriously. I have serious itch to just comment on those “trends” that it is seriously none of their business in whatever they just uploaded but well, staying away from trouble. Who knows afterwards I’ll get trended by making that comment, no guilt though.

Is this why people are like getting false image about dating at teen age years?

Back to the topic, you might feel like the person you are dating now is the best person on earth. Sorry to be the extreme devil today to burst another bubble, but there is really no perfect relationship. I barely even see relationship pass the three months mark. I bet when I just got together with my current bf, Daniel, you people be betting if we would pass three months, to your dismay, we did. Continue guessing guys, it makes me laugh.

Perfect relationships don’t exist, because we low life humans are not perfect. You only can find a puzzle piece that fits quite enough but it will never be perfect. Think about it, a perfect relationship is really boring.

I mean, most of us are probably new to this thing called “relationship”, and we have no idea what to expect. Social Media yet again is the killer. It created too much false expectation that an actual relationship wouldn’t have.

Girl, you really cannot expect your boyfriend to surprise you so often, bring you out to expensive places, shower you with love, and all those tumblr ish things.

Boy, you cannot expect your girlfriend to be always understanding when you play games and hang out without her, expect her to surprise you as you “deserve” it too.

You can’t expect things like that to a teenager who can hardly even afford for their own lives.

Well, we are at this age where almost everything will get forgiven, hence we rarely admit our mistakes, but you have to know that it is a vital thing to be able to lower your ego to keep someone at bay. It is really difficult to notice this, but here I am telling you.

Another thing about dating in secondary school. You have to know that you are growing, as you grow, your mindset changes as maturity levels starts kicking in. Most people give up at this point because, “you are different”, “you are no longer the ________ I used to know.” “why did you change so much”

Now, when you fall in love, you fall in love with everything.

Their changes,

Their faces,

Their personality,

Their laughter,

Their love,

Their warm embrace.

It comes in a package that has no discounts.

Just, learn along the way. Take your time, don’t feel like you are forced into doing anything.



I know my upload schedules has effed up, but I was compensating the last week’s post.

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