Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Demon High School - CHAPTER 1

“I can’t do this anymore… at this rate, I will be dead before I should be.”

My mana is decreasing, “fucking shit, I should have not slacked off physical classes.”
The barrier isn’t gonna withstand much longer, I know it. The signs of cracking everywhere along the sides of the concrete walls.

“Just what is that spell again? Think Ray, think.”

Forming a circular shape with my hands then gently opening it humming the tunes of half memorized magic spells. Watching the flames ignite within my palms as it grows to a size approximately a basketball. Blinking to form a target aim within my eyes.

“Hah, that guy really do not know the rules, back facing someone who is attacking. Good bye.” And I sent him off with a flying kiss.

“One down, and two more. One uses fire and the other uses air.” WHOOSH  “He is very fast, pretty smart too.”

I’m trapped. All these threatening situations seems to be overly familiar. And the scene suddenly changed into an office setting.

“What...? Where am I now?”

“It is reaching to the point where you can call it desperation, you have been chosen for this…” some old guy with greyish hair in a suit spoke…

And I sprung up from my bed.

“ah, this dream again. I wonder what he is about to say though.."

“Ray! Your breakfast is ready!” The sweet mellow voice of my mother resounds up the stairs behind those doors.

I sat up thinking about what I have been doing for the past week. It has been term break, and I’ve yet done anything productive. What a fail. Well, getting a life isn’t hard, by replying those texts from girls of my batch is boring.

“ah, people are gonna think I am a spoilt brat.” I thought as I walked down the stairs and greeted with the smell of smoked bacon and orange juice.

“You have a letter Ray, it’s on the coffee table. Make sure to take it before you forget.”


Dear Mr Ray, we are pleased to inform you that your submission to MAOU high school has been accepted and your information has been successfully transferred into the school’s system.

Reporting: 24 October 2200, 9am.

Dress code: you will be dressed
Thank you.

“WHAT????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? What do you mean by “accepted” and “information successfully transferred into the school’s system”? 24th? That’s tomorrow! I don’t even… WHAT THE HELL?”


Be back every Monday!

Just a fictional story I typed.. TELL ME IF YOU LIKE THIS TYPE OF BLOGS!

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