Wednesday, 19 October 2016

BHcosmetics x Bubzbeauty Palette - First Impression

Hi everyone, so today I will be sharing my First Impressions and swatches of the “Be..” by Bubzbeauty Palette.

This is requested on my askfm, but I do not remember telling anyone else I got the palette.
DISCLAIMER: I am not anyone professional, all opinions are mine. It may or might not be true to you but I am being 100% honest on this platform.

So, this is the Be… palette.

I did order products from bhcosmetics before, it’s a pure luck bet, some of them were a miss while some were a hit.

First thing I noticed about the palette was that, IT IS SO MUCH SMALLER THAN WHAT I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE. Deceived by those pretty pictures taken online into thinking that it would be bigger.

Second thing I noticed, the packaging be kinda cute, I was totally feeling the baby pink and pretty reflective lace details.

Third thing I noticed was, the total Net Worth is only 0.29oz, which means the pan size is at a 0.024oz x 12, comparing to Urban Decay’s Naked 3 which is a 0.05oz x 12. It has almost 2x lesser products per pan than the palette I use almost every day.

So technically, I am both turned on and off by this product already. Pardon my indecisive ass but those are true facts.

What happened next was, I completely destroyed the plastic protecting the palette and opened it. DUH?

The colours were undeniably pretty and attractive, exact to the pictures I saw online. I have been digging the fun colours recently so this palette is looking pretty cute so far.

Next up was the swatching. Honestly, I have heard quite a bit of mixed reviews on this and I was a little afraid. The colour pay off was not super pigmented like I heard from some youtubers. But it is fairly good for something that cost $15?


So, I am gonna try it out before telling you guys the final thoughts.

For now, I got to say, for $15, I am digging this. BHcosmetics makes some really bombass products like the Carli Bybel Palette and ShanonXO palette. I love them both very much.

Maybe a makeup tutorial…?

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XO, Celine.

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